Monday, March 8, 2010

short catch ups =)

im back! xD lets get straight to the point.. its been long since ive blogged.. so basically the urge of blogging was dere but MR.LAZYNESS won.. =) anyway my SPM results are abt to come out this thursday and i am feeling sick.. i noe i shouldn't be thinking abt it..yada yada yada.. but u just cant brush it off completely aside!! its something that comes once in a lifetime!! my IF's mood is back on and i think it is begining to irritate my mum..

Question 1:

Mummy.. if i get straight a's but mostly a- how ar?

Question 2:

Mummy.. wad if i get b's?

Question 3 :

Mummy wad will happen to my future?

Question 4 :

Mummy wad if i dun get straight a's?

Question 5 :

Mummy wad if i get all a?

and i guess i better stop dere cuz the answers were quite the same.. but again i guess it doesnt really matter cuz its gonna come somehow.. just i cant stop the feeling of insecurity in me.. a sign that i've not been studying? hell no! i think i worked my arse off.. anyways.. i am just hoping and wishing that i can take wadever my results happily without any regrets!! so till then.. good night! =)