Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Its The End-

20th april.. the date that most of us had been waiting for.. that is the date for us to break free from the "matric's zone" i was pretty sure that if you've asked my about a month ago i was dying for this day to finally come.. but if i think back the last 24 hours wasnt the best time in my life.. i was sitting for my business paper this morning but the moment the sciences student were out of their classes i stopped answering immediately and started thinking.. i wasnt unhappy that they were the ones going out 2 hours earlier before us.. what i was actually worried was.. am i going to meet the people here once we leave KMNS? well obviously i cant see the future and tell you guys that we WILL meet again in the future.. but i really hope we do because i really did learned a lot from you guys.. well before i go all lovey dovey and sentimental-ish.. let me turn back time to JULY 2010...

It was a perfect afternoon where i've just finished my classes in form 6 at a wonderful school full of joyful people, SMK SEAFIELD.. i was having lunch in the canteen with some of my friends.. happily chit chatting away.. until i saw my mum walking towards me.. i was shocked and asked her why is she there?? school wasnt suppose to end till 3.30 as we had our koko activities.. she came to break the news.. IVE GOT INTO KMNS!! i was stunned!! my friends immediately asked whether i was going or not.. i really didnt wanna leave my form 6 life because i literally had everything that i had ever dreamt in a school.. a school without any high school drama.. just plain fun.. and seriously i had that there.. but i knew that it wasnt a choice for me to decide.. I HAD TO GO TO KMNS.. i cried the night before i left.. thinking that i will leave my friends back here and was sure that i wasnt going to find anyone as fun as them in KMNS.. well.. that concludes that i am a third-intaker...

My first day in KMNS isnt really pretty i would say.. i 'daftar diri' on a friday and i was told that on the very next monday we are suppose to sit for our UPS!! and guess what MR.HEP told me?? "saya cakap terus terang.. you nak dapat 4.00 memang tipis.. you masih nak masuk KMNS?" woah.. what a first day right.. well.. after my parents left i was suppose to go and photostat some notes for my SUDDEN EXAM.. what i had on my had was our college map.. so with that pink piece of paper i was suppose to find the photostat shop!! and the best thing was i looked at the freaking map upside down!! I MEAN WHO DOES THAT??? LOL man!! luckily a kind girl showed me the way to the photostat shop.. then saturday was a sekolah ganti day.. my first day in class and lecture.. the first chinese girl that ive met apart from xiang qi (my third intake roomate) was guat tin.. the day was ok.. owh yah!! it was also the day ive met my super duper long lost cousin SWARUBEN!! haha. .we were in the same group in moral!!

It was at that moment that ive realized that the people here wasnt as bad as i thought it would be.. slowly i adapted with the new environment there.. not only that i think that my chinese kinda improved thanks to you guys!! in soo happy!! haha.. as time goes by i got to know more and more chinese ppl in KMNS.. i was really happy that i did and im proud to say that i think i know almost all of the chinese ppl in KMNS! hee.. achievement.. meeting loads of people=meeting ppl with different characteristic of ppl.. you have the happy go lucky one.. you got the emo one.. you got the 'gila kuasa' one.. you got the quiet one.. you got the i have nothing to do thats why i keep going to the kopsa one.. LOL.. all these ppl had really made my time in KMNS a great and happy one.. not to forget the caring chinese kuala pilah community.. people there are just nice and they seem really friendly..

to cut it short.. i will really miss the people ive met there.. be it students, teachers, or even the uncle and aunties outside of KMNS.. they were there for me for the past 10 months when i was away from home (well.. not that far laa.. LOL) i will sincerely remember you all and will cherish all those wonderful memories we shared together.. i would like to dedicate this song to all of the kmns students!! <3

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


F.E.B.R.U.A.R.Y!!! whoopie? LOLS.. well blogging has been kinda weak in me for the past few weeks! wait!! MONTHS!! because!! "TOO LITTLE TIME TOO MANY THINGS TO DO!"
well i guess im doing alright these days! i have GOOD news and BAD news!!
ill tell you guys abt the bad news first cuz i like happy endings!! =)
BAD NEWS : my results are coming out next monday! im sooo scared!! and i have only like 6 more weeks here! (excluding this week!) too little time to study for the FINALS! and i mean like seriously FINALS!! its like the FINALS OF ZEE FINALSS!!! (need to breathe here!!!)
the next bad thing is that i'll be missing some of the beautiful people here in KMNS.. some of the friends that have thought me stuff and occupy me!

GOOD NEWS : 6 more weeks and im outta HELL! as in the place!! =) i'll be FREE, FREE, FREEEEEEE!!!! *im like a bird.. i only fly awayyy!!* haaahaaa!! im gonna get a LONG! LONG! LONG!!! HOLIDAYYYY!! whooopiee!! =) its gonan be so much fun!! full of suprises! =) ME LIKEY!!!

owh yah! guessing why am i blogging at this time? and ppl will be asking! MING RUI!!! I THOUGHT YOU SAID THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE CONNECTION BACK THERE!!!
simple! im in the computer lab of coursee!!! =) teehee.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

im boredd!

well i am now currently, supposingly suppose to be in TM classes (IT) haha.. but the tcher is out! so yea here i am!! i wanna blog blog blog with loads of pictures!! but not now!! maybe during my cny holidays!! hahaaaa~~ im bored!! they BLOCKED all the sites!! YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK!! any many moreee!! aite i shall SHALL blog when im back! till then!! TEEHEE!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


STOOOOOOP! i know i know.. its been a LONG LONG LONG time since ive updated my blog.. haha.. well cut the crap! start typing! its now 17.november.2010.. (hari raya haji) so to all my malay friends.. happy hari raya!! =) yes! im back on my holidays for 5days.. weird huh.. last week baru finish sem break now another 5 days punya holidays.. not bad not bad! =) well i sure am enjoying this holidays more than the last! ppl are free now! when i say ppl i mean my form6 friends! the last hols.. when i wanna see them.. ive gotta go to the LIBRARY to see them!! LIBRARYY!! i mean what am i suppose to do there! im on my SEMESTER break for crying out loudd!! but there is one speacial thing during my sem break.. i went for PROM.. well i cant really say that i went.. but literally yea laa.. so there sam pat sam pat abitt.. den ta daaaa... i stayed till the whole event finished! but it was awesome! im sooo proud of the organizing comittee! they really did an AWESOME job! *a big round of applause to them!!!!* so bangga to be one of them once upon a time! haha!! well.. i must say that this few weeks wasnt my best.. i had not only one but quite many hiccups along the way.. but thank god i have a really good friend that was always there for me! AUDREY JOYCE NELSON! if it wasnt for here i really think i may have done stuff that i would regret later on.. but problems comes together with lessons.. well ive learnt a lot.. an i seriously mean A LOT! haha.. right now im happy with my life *keeps fingers crossed* haha.. so yea.. now i am off to lead my CURRENTLY HAPPY LIFE! =)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


perhapse? i dont know.. i wish i knew.. really? gosh.. i wanna give up.. again? you've got to be kidding me.. yea i know.. life suck.. easy. SURRENDER!

well here's the deal.. out of 6 papers (exams) not im down with 3 and another 3 more to go.. the thing is.. now i really feel like a DUMBASS! why? cuz i couldnt balance ANY of my accounts.. i left a 13 marks question blank for maths!! well that sorta prove how horrible i am in my studies.. people are getting their acc's right.. people seem to do OK for their maths.. when must i be the odd one outt? *puffs* my head is not the the right place now.. i get easily irritated with innocent people ( well not all are innocent!)

i know what im about to do is kinda a coward's act.. but ive just gotta say this! to the someone : you are darn irritating.. i thought that its just me judging a book by its cover but as time flies.. your proving me right! gosh how much i hate your attitude but i have no where to run!! u get on my nerves! when i try care abt you, what i get in return is ur sarcasm so to YOU! screw you! you gotta be soooo thankful that i am still keeping me cool and putting on a FAKE smile to you! the real thang is!! I DO NOT WANT A FRIEND LIKE YOU!

p.s : maybe i should just move on.. hmm.. not too sure yet..

Sunday, October 10, 2010


MUET, Malaysian University English/Entrance Test.. something along that line laa.. haha.. cant really rmb.. but yea i sat for the speaking component today.. what i can say is that i really thank god, my family and my friends here that had been practicing with me.. mae vin, jiun ling, xiang qi, tzyy shan, zu xian, hui ling, chin ling ,adrian and nadia (my team candidates) well i cant deny that i had fun practising with you guys.. some of them may not enjoy it but for me.. i LOVED it why? simple. cuz IM OOI MING RUI! i LOVE to talk! talk talk talk talk and not to mention TALK CRAP! =) well thats just who i am i guess.. im begining to control my frustration better but and i hope this will last! today was certainly a better day compared to the day before yesterday! think are getting into place.. im catching up.. and im sure its the blessing that ive gain from god.. thanks to my friends who had been praying for me.. i really appreciate it.. <3 style="TEXT-ALIGN: center; MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; WIDTH: 320px; DISPLAY: block; HEIGHT: 240px; CURSOR: hand" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5526407449190971042" border="0" alt="" src="">

with sis in genting.. just got the urge to post this up! LOL

Friday, October 8, 2010

somebodaaay stop me!

LOL i love my title of the blog!! its fr a show.. i bet u noe it.. its abt a guy.. when he wears a masks den his whole face will turn green then he will gooooooo craaaaazzzaaaayyyy!!
well! thats exactly what i am feeling right now.. i am so darn frustrated! i hate that all the thingys are in my head right now! my head i feels like its gonna explode soon! feel like sleeping the whole day long! if possible for a few days straight.. many would say maybe its because ur finals are coming.. some say : aiya u girl ma.. PMS some would say : ming rui! hang on!! u can do it!!
dudeeeeee!! the point is i really cant.. im not as perfect u think i am! i wanna jump, dance, scream, yell, rap, do something that i think i would not do! but then once again.. im a coward! i cant do it.. i cant go screaming like some crzy fella.. i cant jump like no one's business i can rap! i wanna yell but there is nothing coming out! i wanna..i wanna.. i wanna.. that all i can say.. but will i do it? NO i wouldn't why? cuz easy! im scared! im sooo darn scared!! scared of whattt?? you tell me.. cuz i dont know either...

p.s : things were so much easier when i was still a kid!