Monday, December 28, 2009

long time no post =)

so long din post.. so now post lor.. xD haha.. atcually din have the time n source of energy to type.. finger and brain freeze..

anyways.. went to Youth Dhamma Camp (YDC 18) in Sitiawan, Perak.. met some new fwens.. ping ying was dere so did have fun!! the camp was ok la.. just that this time they focused more on serious stuff.. we did a personalifty test.. im dependent/helpful. isnt this two traits oppose each other? well.. idk .. it was just a test.. but we did have dhamma talks.. some was interesting.. some was just too deep to understand.. basically it went quiet well.. but i guess i wont b going nxt year.. 2 years in a row is good enough..

right after YDC camp.. went for a holiday in perth wid my mum n dad.. WITHOUT sisters! it was kinda a smooth trip.. it was christmas.. so shops dere closes early.. its totally diff in msia.. shops closes at 6pm.. haha.. so din realli got to shop.. had the most famous fish and chips in frementle.. many stuff la.. oww.!! i did sandboarding.. dat wa soooo fun.. but when the sand hits ur legs.. ot not fun at all.. haha..

its late ord.. tomoro have u wake up early.. going to buy books for sis for sch... den going yy hse a while.. shes going ns adee.. gonna miss her!! den mayb going lunch with cousins.. till then.. bye!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

tired n fun!

yupp! i have watched it finally.. haha.. well the movie was ok laa.. kinda slow at some scenes.. but i guess it like that cuz in twilight also like dat.. but i enjoyed staring at my JACOB BLACK.. i agree with wad pat said.. his skin is soo tanned.. n his only 17.. so he is currently on the top in my list? haha.. kinda fun in pyramid dat day laa.. just kinda sien cuz we din realli planned wad we were suppose to do.. but at least i met my di la.. we talked.. spend a nite in grannies..

atcualli ytd nite had stemboat at ming soon's house.. kinda byk ppl go la.. sze mun din turn up.. whr r u gurl!? u din leave any message too!! played with water balloons!! haha.. daniel was sooooo wet!! n wai kit.. he got to wet me! but it was a blast.. everyone got very very wet.. no one escaped.. but come to think of it kinda sad la cuz we dont know when we get to do this later on.. college n uni life.. mayb we'll b too busy.. haha.. but dan said dat we will have a gathering 60 years time? haha.. hopefully im still alive!! yuyang n pat spend a nite in my hse.. the guys in ming sungs.. as usualg guys.. dey din slp at all so this morning when we go play bsb.. all kong.. haihsss! but we girls slept at 2.30am laa.. haha so now kinda tired.. cousins are currently in my house now..

Boyhunter - Skye Sweetnam

(listen to this)

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Lets start with the sunburns! haha.. went to pantai kerachut in teluk bahang on saturday.. it was a 2 hours hike till u reach the pantai.. was tiring but yet fun! abt the sunburns.. i tried to be like the ang mo's a.k.a orang putih's.. went sunbathing! @@ and got myself fried! now i seriously look like a lobster! all the hard work of preserving my beautiful skin for 2 years in beseri is now all gone.. T.T

HOME? got back at ard 4pm just now.. was kinda tired..send angie back to her shop 1st.. reached home and started unpacking.. went to grannie's house for dinner.. talk.. i mean wad else can you do with ur grandparents other than talking? haha.. after that we went to my aunt's house to see my cousins fr aussie... din c dem for abt 5 years adee.. talk.. well dey are still as talkative as usual..but i like it when dey do the talking and i do the listening.. i like their "SLANG" its so cute.. espeacially roger who is oni 10..
he's so cute.. haha.. just came back from aunts hse..

NEW MOON? yipeeeeedooo~ 2mr gonna watch new moon.. finally man.. after so long!! well i noe some of u guys will b like.." huh? now oni wanna go watch arr? cheh! i watch adee looo" but wad to do.. just habis spm marr!! den as u noe me.. im such a good fwen.. i waited for yuyang.. 2mr is her chinese exam.. rite after dat we're gonna watch new moon wid robyn too.. haha.. seriously mann.. i cant wait.. which human on earth who wanna miss watching taylor launter - jacob black?? he's soooooo HOT.. haha im so on the jacobs team! haha..crab.. sleepy.. eyes cant open any longer.. arrghh!! gud nite! p.s too tired to upload pics.. will do it asap.. hopefully by tuesday! so stay tuned!

Kris Allen -Live like we're dying
(listen to it)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

my first blog?

Well i sorta promised to myself dat i would start blogging after spm.. and guess wad.. i managed!! *clap clap*
was kinda shocked myself dat i would be so disciplined! xD anyways its nothing to write i guess for your very own first blog!.. kinda akward! haha.. so ill just make it a simple one.. i finished my last paper today.. tasawwur islam.. many ppl would be asking "OMG ming rui!! WAD? u took WAD?" well i know its kinda weird.. but i guess i really need a back up subject dat would HOPEFULLY give me an A+ now!! but i tink i did ok just now.. paper 1 was kinda challenging thou with the arab terms!! but im damm thankful and lucky to have a super duper good invigilator!! she was so sweet n kind.. during exam, she pointed out one of my mistakes!! n it was kinda a careless one.. u can call it luck! xD but ill always remember her.. den after exam.. i had to leave the place dat i was staying for almost two years.. i will miss it somehow i guess.. espeacially the beautiful scenery in the morning and the breezzy wind when it rains.. and yea some of my fwens dere.. but i think we will still be in touch! im kinda glad i went dere.. it was fun to learn all kinda people dere.. it was super challenging.. from being bullied, to the nasty food, to the strict rules.. i can still remember vividly how i hated dat place so much when i went dere.. but its true wad the old saying.. u will get used to it somehow.. n i did.. well i had bitter n sweet memories dere.. im gonna miss my tchers..roomates, classmates, fwens. but i think i should take this opportunity to tell you guys that everything its worth a try.. maybe you will find it easier said than be done.. yes its true.. but you can always quit if u realli cant handle it.. i really thank god dat i managed to stay dere for two years! im proud of myself! *clap clap again* haha.. well i have loads of pictures to update.. but i guess ill do it when i get home.. currently im in my aunts hse in penang wid my good fwen angie.. haha
she's snoring away already! ill get back on sunday.. but im really having fun here.. had dinner in supertanker.. yum! den took a night walk at queensbay's mall sea side.. tomorrow morning will be going to pulau tikus for breakfast.. it seems the food dere is delicious! haha.. den will go for a swim in a river dat my aunt will be taking us! so i guess it is all for now.. for my first blog.. i really hope dat i can make tis blog last and not dead some time later bcoz dat was wad happened to my first two blogs! haha.. k i realli need to sleep now!! nite bloggers and readers!! <3