Saturday, July 24, 2010

a whole day affair =)


1. morning xpdc round usj area which total up to 8.7 km! but of course i did not walk.. haha i was cycling part time.. then the rest of it i was in the air-condition car! =)

2. right after that i was a little giddy giddy.. i taught i was gonna get fever but thank god everything turn out well!

3. enjoyed the xpdc a WHOLE lot!

4. met thiyban (tweety bird) on the way!!

5. it ended ard 5.30pm


7. went to aunt's hse in kepong.

8. saw her son's wedding pictures =)


10. went to wai kit's open hse!

11. super BIG and nice hse!

12. catch up with my other friends

13. had a really GREAT time

14. actually talked to ming sung after sooo long!



Thursday, July 22, 2010

just post it.

three to four months? haha. long rite. well atcually i started to blog again cause there is much that is happening now. something interesting to write atcually. and of cos. its been a long time since ive blogged. so yea.

lets start with the basics. my name is none other than OOI MING RUI. and much have been happening. lets go back to the past. SPM RESULTS. it wasnt that good. apparently. so i was figuring that maybe i can get into the local matriculation. i think that i qualified for that. but guess what. i didn't. i appealled the second time. same answer. so i decided to enter FORM 6. i mean what other options i have? but no regrets! ive meet so many sweet and nice humans there. to list it down. audrey. soo yin. oon hui. wei wen. robyn. adrian. tze quan. sheila. esther. aivee. debbie. connie. cun hien.. kim poh. jonathan. samantha. hsiu chin. xiao xi. (sorry if i left anyone out) seriously. eventhou we spend like urm 2-3 months together? we seriously bonded. not a group. but i would say A FAMILY. things were going exactly like ive dreamed. being a prefect in seafield. going to run for post. comittee of the prom. it was something that i did not have when i was in form 4-5. as many of you know. i was in boarding sch. i really enjoyed it.

but as you all know. somehow i am like a magnet of SORROWNESS? i got an offer to matriculation located in the DRIEST place in malaysia, kuala pilah, negeri sembilan. obviously when i got the news i was DEVASTATED. i gotta say goodbye to my friends. and my comfort zone. nothing much i could do because my family wanted this. not even one of them objected the idea but instead words of encouragement and congratulation sms-es came gushing in. and of coz i would try my best to look happy. smiling and thanking them. i could vividly remember that at one point i would ponder. wondering why are there such happy and lucky ppl in this world. to me personally. going through my form 4-5 life was a journey to hell. not to say that the ppl there were mean. but the lifestyle and my life there. my social life. networking and everything. i did not enjoy it there. but then i guess its all back to KARMA right. it bites us in our ass. its an ugly truth.

still i dont whine or regret any of this. because i belive and i know everything happens for a reason. i may dislike my form 4-5 life. but i will not deny that i have also learned a lot from the experience. ive met nice people. unkind people. things that we will all encounter in our outside world later on. now. im just an ordinary girl who stays in putra heights and continuing my studies in matriculation. there, things are much better. i atcually kinda enjoy it there. i have made several personal resolutions within my stay there. hopefully i will be able to stick to it.