Wednesday, November 17, 2010


STOOOOOOP! i know i know.. its been a LONG LONG LONG time since ive updated my blog.. haha.. well cut the crap! start typing! its now 17.november.2010.. (hari raya haji) so to all my malay friends.. happy hari raya!! =) yes! im back on my holidays for 5days.. weird huh.. last week baru finish sem break now another 5 days punya holidays.. not bad not bad! =) well i sure am enjoying this holidays more than the last! ppl are free now! when i say ppl i mean my form6 friends! the last hols.. when i wanna see them.. ive gotta go to the LIBRARY to see them!! LIBRARYY!! i mean what am i suppose to do there! im on my SEMESTER break for crying out loudd!! but there is one speacial thing during my sem break.. i went for PROM.. well i cant really say that i went.. but literally yea laa.. so there sam pat sam pat abitt.. den ta daaaa... i stayed till the whole event finished! but it was awesome! im sooo proud of the organizing comittee! they really did an AWESOME job! *a big round of applause to them!!!!* so bangga to be one of them once upon a time! haha!! well.. i must say that this few weeks wasnt my best.. i had not only one but quite many hiccups along the way.. but thank god i have a really good friend that was always there for me! AUDREY JOYCE NELSON! if it wasnt for here i really think i may have done stuff that i would regret later on.. but problems comes together with lessons.. well ive learnt a lot.. an i seriously mean A LOT! haha.. right now im happy with my life *keeps fingers crossed* haha.. so yea.. now i am off to lead my CURRENTLY HAPPY LIFE! =)