Tuesday, October 19, 2010


perhapse? i dont know.. i wish i knew.. really? gosh.. i wanna give up.. again? you've got to be kidding me.. yea i know.. life suck.. easy. SURRENDER!

well here's the deal.. out of 6 papers (exams) not im down with 3 and another 3 more to go.. the thing is.. now i really feel like a DUMBASS! why? cuz i couldnt balance ANY of my accounts.. i left a 13 marks question blank for maths!! well that sorta prove how horrible i am in my studies.. people are getting their acc's right.. people seem to do OK for their maths.. when must i be the odd one outt? *puffs* my head is not the the right place now.. i get easily irritated with innocent people ( well not all are innocent!)

i know what im about to do is kinda a coward's act.. but ive just gotta say this! to the someone : you are darn irritating.. i thought that its just me judging a book by its cover but as time flies.. your proving me right! gosh how much i hate your attitude but i have no where to run!! u get on my nerves! when i try care abt you, what i get in return is ur sarcasm so to YOU! screw you! you gotta be soooo thankful that i am still keeping me cool and putting on a FAKE smile to you! the real thang is!! I DO NOT WANT A FRIEND LIKE YOU!

p.s : maybe i should just move on.. hmm.. not too sure yet..

Sunday, October 10, 2010


MUET, Malaysian University English/Entrance Test.. something along that line laa.. haha.. cant really rmb.. but yea i sat for the speaking component today.. what i can say is that i really thank god, my family and my friends here that had been practicing with me.. mae vin, jiun ling, xiang qi, tzyy shan, zu xian, hui ling, chin ling ,adrian and nadia (my team candidates) well i cant deny that i had fun practising with you guys.. some of them may not enjoy it but for me.. i LOVED it why? simple. cuz IM OOI MING RUI! i LOVE to talk! talk talk talk talk and not to mention TALK CRAP! =) well thats just who i am i guess.. im begining to control my frustration better but and i hope this will last! today was certainly a better day compared to the day before yesterday! think are getting into place.. im catching up.. and im sure its the blessing that ive gain from god.. thanks to my friends who had been praying for me.. i really appreciate it.. <3 style="TEXT-ALIGN: center; MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; WIDTH: 320px; DISPLAY: block; HEIGHT: 240px; CURSOR: hand" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5526407449190971042" border="0" alt="" src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_ZMdB90DQpbs/TLG-S30ZtqI/AAAAAAAAADA/9WMinv1G5Go/s320/100909-102610.jpg">

with sis in genting.. just got the urge to post this up! LOL

Friday, October 8, 2010

somebodaaay stop me!

LOL i love my title of the blog!! its fr a show.. i bet u noe it.. its abt a guy.. when he wears a masks den his whole face will turn green then he will gooooooo craaaaazzzaaaayyyy!!
well! thats exactly what i am feeling right now.. i am so darn frustrated! i hate that all the thingys are in my head right now! my head i feels like its gonna explode soon! feel like sleeping the whole day long! if possible for a few days straight.. many would say maybe its because ur finals are coming.. some say : aiya u girl ma.. PMS some would say : ming rui! hang on!! u can do it!!
dudeeeeee!! the point is i really cant.. im not as perfect u think i am! i wanna jump, dance, scream, yell, rap, do something that i think i would not do! but then once again.. im a coward! i cant do it.. i cant go screaming like some crzy fella.. i cant jump like no one's business i can rap! i wanna yell but there is nothing coming out! i wanna..i wanna.. i wanna.. that all i can say.. but will i do it? NO i wouldn't why? cuz easy! im scared! im sooo darn scared!! scared of whattt?? you tell me.. cuz i dont know either...

p.s : things were so much easier when i was still a kid!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


revamp : to change something!!!

everyone's gotta change but obviously in their own different ways and style.. a hair dresser, she/he can revamp someone's style so something more classy or even something more 'in'.. a teacher.. he/she can revamp the method he/she teaches in class so that more students will pay attention on class.. a CEO.. he/she can revamp the organization ways of working of even revamp the mission of his company.. a beggar.. he/she can stop begging and instead to get a job that would at least give him/her some earnings..

A student.. he/she can revamp her/his studies and tries to become a brighter student each and everyday.. to cut it short.. REVAMP! a new word i have learnt today =)

A quote by Pablo Picaso : 'Action is the foundational key to all success'.

Monday, October 4, 2010


what comes across our mind when the word NEW comes into the picture?
new car? new phone? new boyfriends? new girlfriends? new school? new house?
what i am trying to say is that usually we would be branded as spoilt brats if we get new things all the time.. but on the other hand we having new things quite often is not that bad.. well it depends on what are the "THINGS" that we are talking about.. lets take for example.. a new day.. we would wake up early in the morning and tell ourself that ok! today would be a better day than yesterday.. next up a new post for my blog.. good! i have something new to be shared with you guys and hopefully it makes u all feel happy after reading it! =) *i bet u guys are smiling like pigs now =D*
something that i had learned for the past few days.. think positively.. be crazy if that is what calms you down.. but remember as a NEW day comes.. tone down your crazyness.. and i know what i am gonna say right after this doesnt really suit the title of the blog but i just gotta say this.. sometimes its best to keep our mouth shut and wait for the right time to come.. got this lesson while talking to audrey last niteee.. i miss you indian! heartss! =D alrighty then.. gotta go.. ada dinner date with my friend!! LOL
p.s : english essay due tomorrow morning! YEEELLLLPPP!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

something different!

gotta thank my friend DEBBIE for this.. i wanted to share with you guys what happened today but i was kinda lazy to blog it right now.. but then i always enjoy reading her blog and that kinda motivated me to blog it right now.. so here i am blogging. =)
it was a normal saturday morning-noon when i woke up (11.30ish) and i am in college (negeri sembilan). what made today different from the other saturdays i use to spend here was that ard 14 of us (chinese-buddhist students) decided to go and seek for blessing in a temple nearby since our finals are just around the corner.. so we set off at 12.30 and went for lunch in the small town (kuala pilah). one of my friend LI SHAN she took us a kopitiam.. its like a local version of OLD TOWN KOPITIAM in KL.. its smaller, less organized, food taste less good but it was edible la.. so boleh laa.. right beside that small kopitiam is the shoe shop BATA. okay here is something that runs in my blood. i am a shoe DESTROYER! i bought two pairs of black PVC shoes a few months ago (its to be worn here during classes and lectures) and guess what both of them cant be seen in public anymore! shoe number 1 : there is like a hole so that my big toe will stick outta it! and shoe number 2 : the heels sorta broke! haha so it was the right place and time.. i bought another new pair of PVC shoes! it cost RM40 man!! dudeeeee~ its not stylish and it does not even have a pattern! i am fussy about shoes and that shoe.. if it wasnt bcoz i cant wear any other shoes to class I WILL NOT BUY IT!
after our lunch owh here comes the FUN part.. i left something out just now.. hw did we get to the kopitiam? two uncles here whom we know drove an unser and a iswara there.. to send us thr.. so after lunch we called the uncle and ask him to send us to the temple nearby.. the uncle with the unser car came and asked :" who here ada driving licence with them now and can drive a manual car?" immediate reaction.. ME ME ME!!!! haha.. everyone looked at me.. its like they dont belief it.. the guys aso.. so well in the end i drove the car.. tailed the uncle to the temple.. the funny thing is.. this car.. the driver's door.. u cant close it properly.. the dashboard's lock karat ord.. always come out.. the driver's seat u cant push it forward.. the air-cond.. woahhh! it blows hot air out! the booth.. cannt close.. so u can imagine la what car i drove in a small town with bumpy roads! i managed!! BANGGA! *clapsss.. come on clap alongg!!* haha..
after temple i drove to the one and only supermarket in the area.. econsave.. we bought loads of junkie and some fruits.. we took pictures in the supermarket.. yup.. this is how lifeless we people are.. LOL im suppose to upload the pics here but im tooo lazy.. but i will upload it is FB asap =)
after shopping.. we headed back to the college.. and not long after that we went to the chinese restaurant for our dinner.. we took the fruits together with us.. the original plan was to ask the restaurant to cut the fruits for us.. but i guess they are busy so they gave us knives and plates.. its self-service.. had fun cutting fruits and had more fun eating them!! haha well i guess this is one of the most interesting saturdays in kuala pilah, negeri sembilan =)