Wednesday, November 17, 2010


STOOOOOOP! i know i know.. its been a LONG LONG LONG time since ive updated my blog.. haha.. well cut the crap! start typing! its now 17.november.2010.. (hari raya haji) so to all my malay friends.. happy hari raya!! =) yes! im back on my holidays for 5days.. weird huh.. last week baru finish sem break now another 5 days punya holidays.. not bad not bad! =) well i sure am enjoying this holidays more than the last! ppl are free now! when i say ppl i mean my form6 friends! the last hols.. when i wanna see them.. ive gotta go to the LIBRARY to see them!! LIBRARYY!! i mean what am i suppose to do there! im on my SEMESTER break for crying out loudd!! but there is one speacial thing during my sem break.. i went for PROM.. well i cant really say that i went.. but literally yea laa.. so there sam pat sam pat abitt.. den ta daaaa... i stayed till the whole event finished! but it was awesome! im sooo proud of the organizing comittee! they really did an AWESOME job! *a big round of applause to them!!!!* so bangga to be one of them once upon a time! haha!! well.. i must say that this few weeks wasnt my best.. i had not only one but quite many hiccups along the way.. but thank god i have a really good friend that was always there for me! AUDREY JOYCE NELSON! if it wasnt for here i really think i may have done stuff that i would regret later on.. but problems comes together with lessons.. well ive learnt a lot.. an i seriously mean A LOT! haha.. right now im happy with my life *keeps fingers crossed* haha.. so yea.. now i am off to lead my CURRENTLY HAPPY LIFE! =)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


perhapse? i dont know.. i wish i knew.. really? gosh.. i wanna give up.. again? you've got to be kidding me.. yea i know.. life suck.. easy. SURRENDER!

well here's the deal.. out of 6 papers (exams) not im down with 3 and another 3 more to go.. the thing is.. now i really feel like a DUMBASS! why? cuz i couldnt balance ANY of my accounts.. i left a 13 marks question blank for maths!! well that sorta prove how horrible i am in my studies.. people are getting their acc's right.. people seem to do OK for their maths.. when must i be the odd one outt? *puffs* my head is not the the right place now.. i get easily irritated with innocent people ( well not all are innocent!)

i know what im about to do is kinda a coward's act.. but ive just gotta say this! to the someone : you are darn irritating.. i thought that its just me judging a book by its cover but as time flies.. your proving me right! gosh how much i hate your attitude but i have no where to run!! u get on my nerves! when i try care abt you, what i get in return is ur sarcasm so to YOU! screw you! you gotta be soooo thankful that i am still keeping me cool and putting on a FAKE smile to you! the real thang is!! I DO NOT WANT A FRIEND LIKE YOU!

p.s : maybe i should just move on.. hmm.. not too sure yet..

Sunday, October 10, 2010


MUET, Malaysian University English/Entrance Test.. something along that line laa.. haha.. cant really rmb.. but yea i sat for the speaking component today.. what i can say is that i really thank god, my family and my friends here that had been practicing with me.. mae vin, jiun ling, xiang qi, tzyy shan, zu xian, hui ling, chin ling ,adrian and nadia (my team candidates) well i cant deny that i had fun practising with you guys.. some of them may not enjoy it but for me.. i LOVED it why? simple. cuz IM OOI MING RUI! i LOVE to talk! talk talk talk talk and not to mention TALK CRAP! =) well thats just who i am i guess.. im begining to control my frustration better but and i hope this will last! today was certainly a better day compared to the day before yesterday! think are getting into place.. im catching up.. and im sure its the blessing that ive gain from god.. thanks to my friends who had been praying for me.. i really appreciate it.. <3 style="TEXT-ALIGN: center; MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; WIDTH: 320px; DISPLAY: block; HEIGHT: 240px; CURSOR: hand" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5526407449190971042" border="0" alt="" src="">

with sis in genting.. just got the urge to post this up! LOL

Friday, October 8, 2010

somebodaaay stop me!

LOL i love my title of the blog!! its fr a show.. i bet u noe it.. its abt a guy.. when he wears a masks den his whole face will turn green then he will gooooooo craaaaazzzaaaayyyy!!
well! thats exactly what i am feeling right now.. i am so darn frustrated! i hate that all the thingys are in my head right now! my head i feels like its gonna explode soon! feel like sleeping the whole day long! if possible for a few days straight.. many would say maybe its because ur finals are coming.. some say : aiya u girl ma.. PMS some would say : ming rui! hang on!! u can do it!!
dudeeeeee!! the point is i really cant.. im not as perfect u think i am! i wanna jump, dance, scream, yell, rap, do something that i think i would not do! but then once again.. im a coward! i cant do it.. i cant go screaming like some crzy fella.. i cant jump like no one's business i can rap! i wanna yell but there is nothing coming out! i wanna..i wanna.. i wanna.. that all i can say.. but will i do it? NO i wouldn't why? cuz easy! im scared! im sooo darn scared!! scared of whattt?? you tell me.. cuz i dont know either...

p.s : things were so much easier when i was still a kid!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


revamp : to change something!!!

everyone's gotta change but obviously in their own different ways and style.. a hair dresser, she/he can revamp someone's style so something more classy or even something more 'in'.. a teacher.. he/she can revamp the method he/she teaches in class so that more students will pay attention on class.. a CEO.. he/she can revamp the organization ways of working of even revamp the mission of his company.. a beggar.. he/she can stop begging and instead to get a job that would at least give him/her some earnings..

A student.. he/she can revamp her/his studies and tries to become a brighter student each and everyday.. to cut it short.. REVAMP! a new word i have learnt today =)

A quote by Pablo Picaso : 'Action is the foundational key to all success'.

Monday, October 4, 2010


what comes across our mind when the word NEW comes into the picture?
new car? new phone? new boyfriends? new girlfriends? new school? new house?
what i am trying to say is that usually we would be branded as spoilt brats if we get new things all the time.. but on the other hand we having new things quite often is not that bad.. well it depends on what are the "THINGS" that we are talking about.. lets take for example.. a new day.. we would wake up early in the morning and tell ourself that ok! today would be a better day than yesterday.. next up a new post for my blog.. good! i have something new to be shared with you guys and hopefully it makes u all feel happy after reading it! =) *i bet u guys are smiling like pigs now =D*
something that i had learned for the past few days.. think positively.. be crazy if that is what calms you down.. but remember as a NEW day comes.. tone down your crazyness.. and i know what i am gonna say right after this doesnt really suit the title of the blog but i just gotta say this.. sometimes its best to keep our mouth shut and wait for the right time to come.. got this lesson while talking to audrey last niteee.. i miss you indian! heartss! =D alrighty then.. gotta go.. ada dinner date with my friend!! LOL
p.s : english essay due tomorrow morning! YEEELLLLPPP!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

something different!

gotta thank my friend DEBBIE for this.. i wanted to share with you guys what happened today but i was kinda lazy to blog it right now.. but then i always enjoy reading her blog and that kinda motivated me to blog it right now.. so here i am blogging. =)
it was a normal saturday morning-noon when i woke up (11.30ish) and i am in college (negeri sembilan). what made today different from the other saturdays i use to spend here was that ard 14 of us (chinese-buddhist students) decided to go and seek for blessing in a temple nearby since our finals are just around the corner.. so we set off at 12.30 and went for lunch in the small town (kuala pilah). one of my friend LI SHAN she took us a kopitiam.. its like a local version of OLD TOWN KOPITIAM in KL.. its smaller, less organized, food taste less good but it was edible la.. so boleh laa.. right beside that small kopitiam is the shoe shop BATA. okay here is something that runs in my blood. i am a shoe DESTROYER! i bought two pairs of black PVC shoes a few months ago (its to be worn here during classes and lectures) and guess what both of them cant be seen in public anymore! shoe number 1 : there is like a hole so that my big toe will stick outta it! and shoe number 2 : the heels sorta broke! haha so it was the right place and time.. i bought another new pair of PVC shoes! it cost RM40 man!! dudeeeee~ its not stylish and it does not even have a pattern! i am fussy about shoes and that shoe.. if it wasnt bcoz i cant wear any other shoes to class I WILL NOT BUY IT!
after our lunch owh here comes the FUN part.. i left something out just now.. hw did we get to the kopitiam? two uncles here whom we know drove an unser and a iswara there.. to send us thr.. so after lunch we called the uncle and ask him to send us to the temple nearby.. the uncle with the unser car came and asked :" who here ada driving licence with them now and can drive a manual car?" immediate reaction.. ME ME ME!!!! haha.. everyone looked at me.. its like they dont belief it.. the guys aso.. so well in the end i drove the car.. tailed the uncle to the temple.. the funny thing is.. this car.. the driver's door.. u cant close it properly.. the dashboard's lock karat ord.. always come out.. the driver's seat u cant push it forward.. the air-cond.. woahhh! it blows hot air out! the booth.. cannt close.. so u can imagine la what car i drove in a small town with bumpy roads! i managed!! BANGGA! *clapsss.. come on clap alongg!!* haha..
after temple i drove to the one and only supermarket in the area.. econsave.. we bought loads of junkie and some fruits.. we took pictures in the supermarket.. yup.. this is how lifeless we people are.. LOL im suppose to upload the pics here but im tooo lazy.. but i will upload it is FB asap =)
after shopping.. we headed back to the college.. and not long after that we went to the chinese restaurant for our dinner.. we took the fruits together with us.. the original plan was to ask the restaurant to cut the fruits for us.. but i guess they are busy so they gave us knives and plates.. its self-service.. had fun cutting fruits and had more fun eating them!! haha well i guess this is one of the most interesting saturdays in kuala pilah, negeri sembilan =)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

just be yourself.

i dont really get why some people are just so not them (in a harsh word FAKE). cmon! how old are we now? well majority are already 18 and maybe some are still 17 (me!) but isn't that OLD enough for you guys to realize that faking and trying to be someone you are not is just like plunging a knife into ur lungs! PEOPLE! even in the movies they keep showing us that the consequences we gotta face if we try to hide our real self! why are we so ashamed of who we are!? we like to talk abt people's life.. how wealthy they are.. yada yada yada.. how about looking at how lucky we are!! even the smallest thing.. for example. we are staying in malaysia.. we are considered lucky people.. we do not have to live in fear like the people in palestine who are constantly shocked by the loud sounds of firearms and boms! we do not have to feel insecure abt the natural disasters that might strike us anytime like the people in indonesia!! and honestly right now.. i just cant stand people like that anymore.. YES! i wont deny that most people go through the stage where you wanna be someone you are not but eventually you have to wake up! WAKE UP!! because if you continue being not you.. it will end up bad.. i mean REAL BAD! try finding friends that you feel comfortable with.. because in this beautiful world everyone has different characters and i am pretty sure that you can any human can find their own kinda species here. and life will turn GOOD after that. No more poker faces my friend!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


howdy y'all!! how are ye doin?! LOL.. pardon the lameness in me today.. had been sleeping supa dupa late for the past two days and obviously having problems in waking up in the morning too!! haha!! BEST THANG IS!!!! *drumrollssss* IM HAVING ASSEMBLY TOMORROW!! weird huh.. on a wednesday.. well here our assemblies are only once a month and its on wednesdays! so yea we do not have to kumpul everymorning like what we do in seafield! =) and we are suppose to be down at 7.15 am sharp TOMORROW! for those who knows me really well.. I AM A HEAVY SLEEPER! i can sleep like 12 hours straight! so yea.. so far for the past few days i have only been getting 4 hours sleep max! it explains my blurrness in the morning =) heeeeheeee.. alrighty then i better start doin my homework!! its piling up up up up !!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

back in kmns.

its 1.20 am and its 16/9/2010 (wednesday) haha.. gotta wake up kinda early tomorrow.. gonna hit the one and only store in this small town.. ECONSAVE.. nice name huh.. i guess you can really save ur $$ there.. things are kinda cheap.. but lets talk abt TODAY! had 4 hours of lecture.. damn tired.. half of the students are not back yet.. still in the raya mood.. loads of homework to catch up.. (accounts chap 7&8, business chap 9-13, economics chap 6, math chap 7&8) woahh.. head rush huh.. haha!! did not stdy last nite.. had band practice.. kinda fun in a way.. played malay songs laa.. turned out not that bad.. sounds kinda nice.. will be playing the keyboard with another two people.. 3 keyboard playerss.. hehe.. not bad huh.. the teacher.. not gonna deny it.. he is TALENTED! he can play the drums, bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and the keyboard well!! salute salute!! =)

Sunday, September 12, 2010


well most people would like to say 'through my lens', 'through the corner of my eyes', 'through my eyeballs (maybe! LOL).. but what i wanna share with you guys was smth i saw just now.. when i was on the way to wei wen's hse to pick her up! something that i've seen and somehow it moves me.. well i wouldn't really put it as MOVE me.. but it gave a slight twinchin and pinching in my soul..


i saw an old lady walking with not one but TWO walking stick.. she was walking alone.. eventhough i wasn't sure where she was but she was at the front of her house walking into her house.. maybe its quite a short distance.. but then what made me feel sad was her neighbour who was driving an INNOVA with many ppl inside.. not one of them came down to help the poor old lady into the house.. yea i know she is ON THE WAY into her house but cmon people! she is walking so so so slowly with TWO METAL walking stick! you know.. the walking stick which has three cabang supporting itt!! and for crying out loud! SHE IS YOUR NEIGHBOURR!!


an old man wallking.. no wait he was hopping with one leg.. the other was swollen.. and he was only supported with the urm.. wait let me describe it.. ( u know the walking tool.. ppl in hospt use to get to the toilet.. its like a mini ampaian) .. yea.. he was only banking on that.. walking beside the tar road.. it was full with stones and roots.. i guess you can picture the condition.. maybe he was exercising.. but to think it rationally which old man would take a walk at 2.00 pm under the hot sun! i am pretty sure he has family members at home.. why wouldnt they ask him where he was going.. i can accept the fact if he wasnt hopping.. but the was hopping and he looked so weak.. he is definately not a beggar! he doesnt even look like one!!

well after reading you guys might be saying.. MINGRUI! WHY DIDN"T YOU GET DOWN AND HELP THIS TWO SENIOR CITIZENNSS?? honestly.. i was SHY! SCARED! and.. i dont know.. excuses! thats why ive decided to post this experience up to tell you guys that we should help this people! and I PROMISE TO MYSELF THAT I AM GONNA DO THE SAME IN FUTURE!! i am gonna ask them why are they doing here alone? why are you not home? do you need a ride home? well.. even if they turn down my offer at least i know that ive tried and i would feel so guilty like what i am feeling rite now. because everyone deserve to be cared for!

Friday, September 10, 2010


raya.. its the time where we seek forgiveness among ourselves.. maybe its the culture among the malays.. but i dont see the harm for us to ask forgiveness among us! the nons.. but the funny thing is.. the moment we ask for forgiveness.. the other party will be so touched and will go "aww" den the next thing you know.. you will be jokingly pulling each others legs and LAUGH YOUR HEADS OFF! well that just basically FRIENDS! and i am so blessed for having so many kind and good samaritans near me! what i really wanna say here is...


Sunday, September 5, 2010

2 more days to HOLIDAYYYY!

HO-Ho-HO-HO-lidayyyyy!! thats the only word i can think of now!! haha.. waiting and counting the days, hours, minutes, and even SECONDS!! i've planned my holidays! that's how excited i am! LOL.. i know.. i know.. some of you all might say that im insane, crzy, bla bla bla.. but guess what?? I DONT CARE!! cuz im going HOME! a place where i can really call HOME!! haha (super high now)..

Thursday, August 26, 2010

heart?? hmm. maybe?

i dont really know what is going on with me these few days.. having mixture of feelings very often.. results are out.. mine SUCKED! my friends.. RULE.. super duper smart people.. i just feel dumb? but not really.. cuz deep down i know that if i strive super duper hard i MIGHT be able to score for my finalss.. but i guess thoughts aint enough huh.. will power and discipline play a VERY BIG role here.. guess i really need to discipline myself.. but i cant deny that i am a VERY dependable person.. i need to be pressured.. when the people surrounding me starts working like mad cows.. den only i will feel the pain and start working my arse off.. very typical of MING RUI.. =) a part of me that is truly difficult to change.. but i guess everyone is amazing just the way they are? haha.. *state of denial huh.. *

owh well.. but i gotta admit.. not to boast or anything.. i HAVE been hardworking.. ME! HARDWORKING! funny huh.. thats one of the reason i dont really have time to blog now (plain exuse) haha.. i will get nervous if i dont finish my homeworks.. but somehow i will be tooo tired to bother when its 1am.. the limit! but i still think i can work on it better? espeacially during the weekends.. hmm.. let me try something new this weekend.. if it works then i'll share it with you guys.. *nggeeehehehee* haha..

my BESTIE since like form 1!! she is ord in FRANCE.. the country of LOVE.. NG YUYANG.. she is gonna spend one year there.. having loads of funn.. i guess she will be aite! i am sooo gonna miss her.. but i guess time flies dont you think?? in no time i'll be able to see her again.. well.. i did not have the chance to send her off.. but i'll try to welcome her back next year!! HOPEFULLY!

Monday, August 16, 2010

is still pissed!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

the depression of me!


Thursday, August 12, 2010


yea yea yea.. im in KMNS.. i noe some of you guys will be saying.. "OMG MING RUI! i tot u are not going back to jungles anymore! u was in the jungle for 2 friggin years"
guys! what do you wan me to say? honestly.. i have noo idea.. well.. part of me is kinda sad cuz i left my FORM 6 life THE AWESOME POSSOME TIME OF MY LIFE!! but i gotta admit that i dont study much in form 6.. (do the pointy finger thingy) but owh well.. im here now.. i dont regret my life in form 6 at all! not only i had so much fun but ive met so many ANGELS. (soo yin, audrey, esther, robyn, oon hui, debbie, tze quan, sheila, adrian, aivee, reuben, sheroz, wei wen, aaron, chun yeet, connie, kim poh, cun hien, wai yip,and sooo many more!)
i have no regrets at all.. you guys are so much fun, nice, caring, we're like a big happy family.. and because of that.. ive made this blog speacially for you guys!

Lets start with my SEXY friend.. soo yin! girl.. i miss you soo much.. we've been friends since wad? form 2? you are one of the weirdest person ive ever met! u can make friends just anywhere! i can dump you in africe with the wilds.. and guess what.. in a split of a second u will be talking or either singing with the monkeys or elephants.. why is that so? cuz ur a person who that makes not only people but animals around you feel so warm and comfortable!

Audrey! my indian friend! your my heart and soul.. i cant believe it.. we've met for only a few months but we've bonded like we knew each other since pre-sch! u've been there for me when i went through the toughest time here.. we've cried together.. i would say we are almost alike.. we share the sam thoughts and feelings.. we are like TWINS! but from diff dad and moms la (skin colour deii) haha.. i LOVE you loads dreee~

ESTHER! my wifeee~ of course i gotta start with I LOVE YOU! i find u a very interesting creature! you can make funny funny sounds that will lighten up my day eventhou sometimes it can be sooo hurtful to my ears! but guess what.. i enjoyed my time with you.. u are always smiling.. you told me ur crush! im soo happy.. this proves that u trust me.. and yes esther.. i will always be there for you! i will give u tissue papers when you need it.. =)

ROBYN! you!! my brother! we've been close since form 1.. sometimes i would just wonder if we did not meet each other who will i take as my sai lou? honestly.. i cant think of any names.. u are also there for me when i needed someone.. that was before we were in form 6!! but i thank god that i have you! cuz somehow ur cute lil face.. it makes me happy(i know i did not say this before but now i will just admit it) we share our problems.. and i am glad to be the one sharing it with you.. at least i know that we will be brother and sister for LIFE .

OON HUI! tsk tsk tsk.. where should i start with this girl! LOL.. obviously during the first day in class! you acted like a SMART ASS (well you are really one).. i told myself that this particular girl.. she would give me headaches! suprisingly.. she is the one who relieves my headaches.. i believe not only me but all of us.. she would just walk pass you and hug you and give a cute and small invincible kiss on ur cheeks.. its sooo cute! i remembered once i really needed a hug (but i did not wanna admit it) she came.. she hugged me.. that really touched me..

DEBBSSS! haha.. well i did not really get to know you that much before i came here.. maybe for a few weeks.. but i really gotta say! we get along VERY VERY WELL! you are soooo PWETTY! and i love your face when you just wake up! its like puff puff snow balls with messy cute hair! haha.. to me.. ur like a small baby in our family.. the one who ppl shower with love and care! in return.. she makes us smile all the time! and this this!! she hates L* YE* too! LOL haha.. MISS YOU DEBS! and not to forget! she is a AWESOME SKATER!!!!

TZEEEEEE~~~~ haha my friend who left us for JPA! im so proud of you girl!! well she AMAZED ME! she is good in her studies, looks, MUSIC! and speaking! DUH!!.. haha u are the one who motivated me to start playing VIVA LA VIDA! and i LOVE it!! tzee.. i miss you laa.. her HAMSTER face.. i miss the times when we are in MYC and we all did the DROP JAW thingy! EPIC dowh!!

SHEILA!! i know i know.. you're waiting for your turn! MY MELAYU FRIEND! someone who i also knew since secondary sch.. but we were not close back then.. but we bonded like oxygen and hygrogen molecules in form 6! (i still rmb chem!!) she is one funny lil thing! she will jump ard.. and act dumb dumb! but there is something that i cant deny! YOU"RE AN AWESOME MUSICIAN! you can sing girl! dont say you cant cuz MINGRUI says you can dear!

ADRIAN! haha aka ADRIANA! LOL he looks serious but he is also quite LAME! LOL.. he cracks crzy jokes and i'll go (....zzzz....) haha!! and he is good in mathsss! u nerdy boy!! haha.. and i miss those times in MYC again... where all of us went.. (GOH ADRIAN GOOO...GOH ADRIAN GO) haha.. those were the timessss... and ur TO-MAE-TO facce!! always so pink and red! haha..

AIVEEEEEE!! my KALYANA MITRAAA.. ive met this WOMAN since form 4 in a buddhist camp.. she looked seriously blurr but turns out she is so much fun!!!! =D i miss going YDC camps with you.. this year i cannot go! cuz i have lectures! make sure you take loads of pictures k! talking abt pictures! this girl here and my melayu friend.. I AM SOOOO PROUD OF BOTH OF YOU LADIES!! guess whaat! they've won the vlog thingy !! hey the two of you! better show me the video k!

WEI WEN!! haha wei wen zhi! LOL i miss you laaaa.. my loyal classmate! she is another weird girl! she likes paperworks! she will be the secretary or treasurer of clubs or societies! LOL all the hardwork! its wei wen's! you are the sunshine of my life! i love you dearly! she is my mate that laughs with me in class.. we talk when teachers are teaching.. we whack each other.. she watches me staple my baju kurung.. we laugh at each other jokes!

REUBEN AND SHEROZZZ!! my two rocky braders! LOL you guys ROCK MY WORLDDD! LOL.. haha ini dua orang sangat sangat comel! they are like magnets to each other.. when you see reuben.. you see sheroz.. LOL and sheroz is a super duper tall dude! he CAN look scary.. but that rarely happens cuz he is always SMILING.. cute thing huh! REUBEN! his FB status sometimes quite emo lo! but in sch he is SUPER HYPER! i miss the two of you!!

AARON AND SHI YUN!! my PST matesss.. haha and aaron my PA partner! AARON! who is sitting with you in PA now? i bet you miss meeee.. hehe.. do your homeworks or notttt?? LOL.. i miss your stoner face laa.. and shi yun! when we constantly bully him during perhimpunan.. =) i miss the both of you! and of coz.. i miss my prefect duties!!!!

MY DAI LOUUU.. CHUN YEET!! you always de emo one lo! pls la.. when u ada problem tell me k.. i am willing to help.. not like we've just known each other! but nevertheless you are a GREAT brother.. i LOVE you loadsssss.. =) we talked alot.. and gave each other great advices!! im soo glad to have you in my life =)

KIMPOH, CONNIE, CUN HIEN!! the three ppl in class!! the BISING GANG!! haha.. I LOVE YOU PUNYA LAMEJOKES LAAA.. KETIAK MENANGIS! LOL.. epic case! i miss the fun-ness in our class.. and connie! i miss ur sleepy face.. always sleeping!! owh yah itu JONATHAN ASO! haha his cute octupus fingerssss! haha.. so tiny!!! i miss 6G loadss.. minus the two girls laaa =) haha so bad riteee...

WAI YIP!! THE LAME KING!!! KING OF LAMENESS.. haha same! we've been in the same secondary sch but we NEVER! TALKED to each other! you la! so shyy!! now oni soo lame!! haha but how i wished that we've known each other for a longer period! cuz ur so much funn!!! be a good treasurer for the prefect board k! i noe you can do it LAHM!

and well thats all abt the ANGELS of my life.. i miss you guys deeply and you will always be in my head and mind!!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

a whole day affair =)


1. morning xpdc round usj area which total up to 8.7 km! but of course i did not walk.. haha i was cycling part time.. then the rest of it i was in the air-condition car! =)

2. right after that i was a little giddy giddy.. i taught i was gonna get fever but thank god everything turn out well!

3. enjoyed the xpdc a WHOLE lot!

4. met thiyban (tweety bird) on the way!!

5. it ended ard 5.30pm


7. went to aunt's hse in kepong.

8. saw her son's wedding pictures =)


10. went to wai kit's open hse!

11. super BIG and nice hse!

12. catch up with my other friends

13. had a really GREAT time

14. actually talked to ming sung after sooo long!



Thursday, July 22, 2010

just post it.

three to four months? haha. long rite. well atcually i started to blog again cause there is much that is happening now. something interesting to write atcually. and of cos. its been a long time since ive blogged. so yea.

lets start with the basics. my name is none other than OOI MING RUI. and much have been happening. lets go back to the past. SPM RESULTS. it wasnt that good. apparently. so i was figuring that maybe i can get into the local matriculation. i think that i qualified for that. but guess what. i didn't. i appealled the second time. same answer. so i decided to enter FORM 6. i mean what other options i have? but no regrets! ive meet so many sweet and nice humans there. to list it down. audrey. soo yin. oon hui. wei wen. robyn. adrian. tze quan. sheila. esther. aivee. debbie. connie. cun hien.. kim poh. jonathan. samantha. hsiu chin. xiao xi. (sorry if i left anyone out) seriously. eventhou we spend like urm 2-3 months together? we seriously bonded. not a group. but i would say A FAMILY. things were going exactly like ive dreamed. being a prefect in seafield. going to run for post. comittee of the prom. it was something that i did not have when i was in form 4-5. as many of you know. i was in boarding sch. i really enjoyed it.

but as you all know. somehow i am like a magnet of SORROWNESS? i got an offer to matriculation located in the DRIEST place in malaysia, kuala pilah, negeri sembilan. obviously when i got the news i was DEVASTATED. i gotta say goodbye to my friends. and my comfort zone. nothing much i could do because my family wanted this. not even one of them objected the idea but instead words of encouragement and congratulation sms-es came gushing in. and of coz i would try my best to look happy. smiling and thanking them. i could vividly remember that at one point i would ponder. wondering why are there such happy and lucky ppl in this world. to me personally. going through my form 4-5 life was a journey to hell. not to say that the ppl there were mean. but the lifestyle and my life there. my social life. networking and everything. i did not enjoy it there. but then i guess its all back to KARMA right. it bites us in our ass. its an ugly truth.

still i dont whine or regret any of this. because i belive and i know everything happens for a reason. i may dislike my form 4-5 life. but i will not deny that i have also learned a lot from the experience. ive met nice people. unkind people. things that we will all encounter in our outside world later on. now. im just an ordinary girl who stays in putra heights and continuing my studies in matriculation. there, things are much better. i atcually kinda enjoy it there. i have made several personal resolutions within my stay there. hopefully i will be able to stick to it.


Monday, March 8, 2010

short catch ups =)

im back! xD lets get straight to the point.. its been long since ive blogged.. so basically the urge of blogging was dere but MR.LAZYNESS won.. =) anyway my SPM results are abt to come out this thursday and i am feeling sick.. i noe i shouldn't be thinking abt it..yada yada yada.. but u just cant brush it off completely aside!! its something that comes once in a lifetime!! my IF's mood is back on and i think it is begining to irritate my mum..

Question 1:

Mummy.. if i get straight a's but mostly a- how ar?

Question 2:

Mummy.. wad if i get b's?

Question 3 :

Mummy wad will happen to my future?

Question 4 :

Mummy wad if i dun get straight a's?

Question 5 :

Mummy wad if i get all a?

and i guess i better stop dere cuz the answers were quite the same.. but again i guess it doesnt really matter cuz its gonna come somehow.. just i cant stop the feeling of insecurity in me.. a sign that i've not been studying? hell no! i think i worked my arse off.. anyways.. i am just hoping and wishing that i can take wadever my results happily without any regrets!! so till then.. good night! =)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

sad :(

noo.. my cousins went back too aussie ord.. i miss dem so much espeacially robbie!! you guys were so fun! i cant imagine that we are oni gonna meet 5 years time.. u guys were so fun no regrets! i love u all so muchh!! hopefully i can go to sydney asap to meet u all! no mood wanna blog.. dis few days were spending time wid them so it was so precious!! i miss u all so so so much robbie and roger!!

boys like girls&taylor swift-two is better than one