Thursday, August 26, 2010

heart?? hmm. maybe?

i dont really know what is going on with me these few days.. having mixture of feelings very often.. results are out.. mine SUCKED! my friends.. RULE.. super duper smart people.. i just feel dumb? but not really.. cuz deep down i know that if i strive super duper hard i MIGHT be able to score for my finalss.. but i guess thoughts aint enough huh.. will power and discipline play a VERY BIG role here.. guess i really need to discipline myself.. but i cant deny that i am a VERY dependable person.. i need to be pressured.. when the people surrounding me starts working like mad cows.. den only i will feel the pain and start working my arse off.. very typical of MING RUI.. =) a part of me that is truly difficult to change.. but i guess everyone is amazing just the way they are? haha.. *state of denial huh.. *

owh well.. but i gotta admit.. not to boast or anything.. i HAVE been hardworking.. ME! HARDWORKING! funny huh.. thats one of the reason i dont really have time to blog now (plain exuse) haha.. i will get nervous if i dont finish my homeworks.. but somehow i will be tooo tired to bother when its 1am.. the limit! but i still think i can work on it better? espeacially during the weekends.. hmm.. let me try something new this weekend.. if it works then i'll share it with you guys.. *nggeeehehehee* haha..

my BESTIE since like form 1!! she is ord in FRANCE.. the country of LOVE.. NG YUYANG.. she is gonna spend one year there.. having loads of funn.. i guess she will be aite! i am sooo gonna miss her.. but i guess time flies dont you think?? in no time i'll be able to see her again.. well.. i did not have the chance to send her off.. but i'll try to welcome her back next year!! HOPEFULLY!

Monday, August 16, 2010

is still pissed!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

the depression of me!


Thursday, August 12, 2010


yea yea yea.. im in KMNS.. i noe some of you guys will be saying.. "OMG MING RUI! i tot u are not going back to jungles anymore! u was in the jungle for 2 friggin years"
guys! what do you wan me to say? honestly.. i have noo idea.. well.. part of me is kinda sad cuz i left my FORM 6 life THE AWESOME POSSOME TIME OF MY LIFE!! but i gotta admit that i dont study much in form 6.. (do the pointy finger thingy) but owh well.. im here now.. i dont regret my life in form 6 at all! not only i had so much fun but ive met so many ANGELS. (soo yin, audrey, esther, robyn, oon hui, debbie, tze quan, sheila, adrian, aivee, reuben, sheroz, wei wen, aaron, chun yeet, connie, kim poh, cun hien, wai yip,and sooo many more!)
i have no regrets at all.. you guys are so much fun, nice, caring, we're like a big happy family.. and because of that.. ive made this blog speacially for you guys!

Lets start with my SEXY friend.. soo yin! girl.. i miss you soo much.. we've been friends since wad? form 2? you are one of the weirdest person ive ever met! u can make friends just anywhere! i can dump you in africe with the wilds.. and guess what.. in a split of a second u will be talking or either singing with the monkeys or elephants.. why is that so? cuz ur a person who that makes not only people but animals around you feel so warm and comfortable!

Audrey! my indian friend! your my heart and soul.. i cant believe it.. we've met for only a few months but we've bonded like we knew each other since pre-sch! u've been there for me when i went through the toughest time here.. we've cried together.. i would say we are almost alike.. we share the sam thoughts and feelings.. we are like TWINS! but from diff dad and moms la (skin colour deii) haha.. i LOVE you loads dreee~

ESTHER! my wifeee~ of course i gotta start with I LOVE YOU! i find u a very interesting creature! you can make funny funny sounds that will lighten up my day eventhou sometimes it can be sooo hurtful to my ears! but guess what.. i enjoyed my time with you.. u are always smiling.. you told me ur crush! im soo happy.. this proves that u trust me.. and yes esther.. i will always be there for you! i will give u tissue papers when you need it.. =)

ROBYN! you!! my brother! we've been close since form 1.. sometimes i would just wonder if we did not meet each other who will i take as my sai lou? honestly.. i cant think of any names.. u are also there for me when i needed someone.. that was before we were in form 6!! but i thank god that i have you! cuz somehow ur cute lil face.. it makes me happy(i know i did not say this before but now i will just admit it) we share our problems.. and i am glad to be the one sharing it with you.. at least i know that we will be brother and sister for LIFE .

OON HUI! tsk tsk tsk.. where should i start with this girl! LOL.. obviously during the first day in class! you acted like a SMART ASS (well you are really one).. i told myself that this particular girl.. she would give me headaches! suprisingly.. she is the one who relieves my headaches.. i believe not only me but all of us.. she would just walk pass you and hug you and give a cute and small invincible kiss on ur cheeks.. its sooo cute! i remembered once i really needed a hug (but i did not wanna admit it) she came.. she hugged me.. that really touched me..

DEBBSSS! haha.. well i did not really get to know you that much before i came here.. maybe for a few weeks.. but i really gotta say! we get along VERY VERY WELL! you are soooo PWETTY! and i love your face when you just wake up! its like puff puff snow balls with messy cute hair! haha.. to me.. ur like a small baby in our family.. the one who ppl shower with love and care! in return.. she makes us smile all the time! and this this!! she hates L* YE* too! LOL haha.. MISS YOU DEBS! and not to forget! she is a AWESOME SKATER!!!!

TZEEEEEE~~~~ haha my friend who left us for JPA! im so proud of you girl!! well she AMAZED ME! she is good in her studies, looks, MUSIC! and speaking! DUH!!.. haha u are the one who motivated me to start playing VIVA LA VIDA! and i LOVE it!! tzee.. i miss you laa.. her HAMSTER face.. i miss the times when we are in MYC and we all did the DROP JAW thingy! EPIC dowh!!

SHEILA!! i know i know.. you're waiting for your turn! MY MELAYU FRIEND! someone who i also knew since secondary sch.. but we were not close back then.. but we bonded like oxygen and hygrogen molecules in form 6! (i still rmb chem!!) she is one funny lil thing! she will jump ard.. and act dumb dumb! but there is something that i cant deny! YOU"RE AN AWESOME MUSICIAN! you can sing girl! dont say you cant cuz MINGRUI says you can dear!

ADRIAN! haha aka ADRIANA! LOL he looks serious but he is also quite LAME! LOL.. he cracks crzy jokes and i'll go (....zzzz....) haha!! and he is good in mathsss! u nerdy boy!! haha.. and i miss those times in MYC again... where all of us went.. (GOH ADRIAN GOOO...GOH ADRIAN GO) haha.. those were the timessss... and ur TO-MAE-TO facce!! always so pink and red! haha..

AIVEEEEEE!! my KALYANA MITRAAA.. ive met this WOMAN since form 4 in a buddhist camp.. she looked seriously blurr but turns out she is so much fun!!!! =D i miss going YDC camps with you.. this year i cannot go! cuz i have lectures! make sure you take loads of pictures k! talking abt pictures! this girl here and my melayu friend.. I AM SOOOO PROUD OF BOTH OF YOU LADIES!! guess whaat! they've won the vlog thingy !! hey the two of you! better show me the video k!

WEI WEN!! haha wei wen zhi! LOL i miss you laaaa.. my loyal classmate! she is another weird girl! she likes paperworks! she will be the secretary or treasurer of clubs or societies! LOL all the hardwork! its wei wen's! you are the sunshine of my life! i love you dearly! she is my mate that laughs with me in class.. we talk when teachers are teaching.. we whack each other.. she watches me staple my baju kurung.. we laugh at each other jokes!

REUBEN AND SHEROZZZ!! my two rocky braders! LOL you guys ROCK MY WORLDDD! LOL.. haha ini dua orang sangat sangat comel! they are like magnets to each other.. when you see reuben.. you see sheroz.. LOL and sheroz is a super duper tall dude! he CAN look scary.. but that rarely happens cuz he is always SMILING.. cute thing huh! REUBEN! his FB status sometimes quite emo lo! but in sch he is SUPER HYPER! i miss the two of you!!

AARON AND SHI YUN!! my PST matesss.. haha and aaron my PA partner! AARON! who is sitting with you in PA now? i bet you miss meeee.. hehe.. do your homeworks or notttt?? LOL.. i miss your stoner face laa.. and shi yun! when we constantly bully him during perhimpunan.. =) i miss the both of you! and of coz.. i miss my prefect duties!!!!

MY DAI LOUUU.. CHUN YEET!! you always de emo one lo! pls la.. when u ada problem tell me k.. i am willing to help.. not like we've just known each other! but nevertheless you are a GREAT brother.. i LOVE you loadsssss.. =) we talked alot.. and gave each other great advices!! im soo glad to have you in my life =)

KIMPOH, CONNIE, CUN HIEN!! the three ppl in class!! the BISING GANG!! haha.. I LOVE YOU PUNYA LAMEJOKES LAAA.. KETIAK MENANGIS! LOL.. epic case! i miss the fun-ness in our class.. and connie! i miss ur sleepy face.. always sleeping!! owh yah itu JONATHAN ASO! haha his cute octupus fingerssss! haha.. so tiny!!! i miss 6G loadss.. minus the two girls laaa =) haha so bad riteee...

WAI YIP!! THE LAME KING!!! KING OF LAMENESS.. haha same! we've been in the same secondary sch but we NEVER! TALKED to each other! you la! so shyy!! now oni soo lame!! haha but how i wished that we've known each other for a longer period! cuz ur so much funn!!! be a good treasurer for the prefect board k! i noe you can do it LAHM!

and well thats all abt the ANGELS of my life.. i miss you guys deeply and you will always be in my head and mind!!