Wednesday, September 22, 2010

just be yourself.

i dont really get why some people are just so not them (in a harsh word FAKE). cmon! how old are we now? well majority are already 18 and maybe some are still 17 (me!) but isn't that OLD enough for you guys to realize that faking and trying to be someone you are not is just like plunging a knife into ur lungs! PEOPLE! even in the movies they keep showing us that the consequences we gotta face if we try to hide our real self! why are we so ashamed of who we are!? we like to talk abt people's life.. how wealthy they are.. yada yada yada.. how about looking at how lucky we are!! even the smallest thing.. for example. we are staying in malaysia.. we are considered lucky people.. we do not have to live in fear like the people in palestine who are constantly shocked by the loud sounds of firearms and boms! we do not have to feel insecure abt the natural disasters that might strike us anytime like the people in indonesia!! and honestly right now.. i just cant stand people like that anymore.. YES! i wont deny that most people go through the stage where you wanna be someone you are not but eventually you have to wake up! WAKE UP!! because if you continue being not you.. it will end up bad.. i mean REAL BAD! try finding friends that you feel comfortable with.. because in this beautiful world everyone has different characters and i am pretty sure that you can any human can find their own kinda species here. and life will turn GOOD after that. No more poker faces my friend!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


howdy y'all!! how are ye doin?! LOL.. pardon the lameness in me today.. had been sleeping supa dupa late for the past two days and obviously having problems in waking up in the morning too!! haha!! BEST THANG IS!!!! *drumrollssss* IM HAVING ASSEMBLY TOMORROW!! weird huh.. on a wednesday.. well here our assemblies are only once a month and its on wednesdays! so yea we do not have to kumpul everymorning like what we do in seafield! =) and we are suppose to be down at 7.15 am sharp TOMORROW! for those who knows me really well.. I AM A HEAVY SLEEPER! i can sleep like 12 hours straight! so yea.. so far for the past few days i have only been getting 4 hours sleep max! it explains my blurrness in the morning =) heeeeheeee.. alrighty then i better start doin my homework!! its piling up up up up !!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

back in kmns.

its 1.20 am and its 16/9/2010 (wednesday) haha.. gotta wake up kinda early tomorrow.. gonna hit the one and only store in this small town.. ECONSAVE.. nice name huh.. i guess you can really save ur $$ there.. things are kinda cheap.. but lets talk abt TODAY! had 4 hours of lecture.. damn tired.. half of the students are not back yet.. still in the raya mood.. loads of homework to catch up.. (accounts chap 7&8, business chap 9-13, economics chap 6, math chap 7&8) woahh.. head rush huh.. haha!! did not stdy last nite.. had band practice.. kinda fun in a way.. played malay songs laa.. turned out not that bad.. sounds kinda nice.. will be playing the keyboard with another two people.. 3 keyboard playerss.. hehe.. not bad huh.. the teacher.. not gonna deny it.. he is TALENTED! he can play the drums, bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and the keyboard well!! salute salute!! =)

Sunday, September 12, 2010


well most people would like to say 'through my lens', 'through the corner of my eyes', 'through my eyeballs (maybe! LOL).. but what i wanna share with you guys was smth i saw just now.. when i was on the way to wei wen's hse to pick her up! something that i've seen and somehow it moves me.. well i wouldn't really put it as MOVE me.. but it gave a slight twinchin and pinching in my soul..


i saw an old lady walking with not one but TWO walking stick.. she was walking alone.. eventhough i wasn't sure where she was but she was at the front of her house walking into her house.. maybe its quite a short distance.. but then what made me feel sad was her neighbour who was driving an INNOVA with many ppl inside.. not one of them came down to help the poor old lady into the house.. yea i know she is ON THE WAY into her house but cmon people! she is walking so so so slowly with TWO METAL walking stick! you know.. the walking stick which has three cabang supporting itt!! and for crying out loud! SHE IS YOUR NEIGHBOURR!!


an old man wallking.. no wait he was hopping with one leg.. the other was swollen.. and he was only supported with the urm.. wait let me describe it.. ( u know the walking tool.. ppl in hospt use to get to the toilet.. its like a mini ampaian) .. yea.. he was only banking on that.. walking beside the tar road.. it was full with stones and roots.. i guess you can picture the condition.. maybe he was exercising.. but to think it rationally which old man would take a walk at 2.00 pm under the hot sun! i am pretty sure he has family members at home.. why wouldnt they ask him where he was going.. i can accept the fact if he wasnt hopping.. but the was hopping and he looked so weak.. he is definately not a beggar! he doesnt even look like one!!

well after reading you guys might be saying.. MINGRUI! WHY DIDN"T YOU GET DOWN AND HELP THIS TWO SENIOR CITIZENNSS?? honestly.. i was SHY! SCARED! and.. i dont know.. excuses! thats why ive decided to post this experience up to tell you guys that we should help this people! and I PROMISE TO MYSELF THAT I AM GONNA DO THE SAME IN FUTURE!! i am gonna ask them why are they doing here alone? why are you not home? do you need a ride home? well.. even if they turn down my offer at least i know that ive tried and i would feel so guilty like what i am feeling rite now. because everyone deserve to be cared for!

Friday, September 10, 2010


raya.. its the time where we seek forgiveness among ourselves.. maybe its the culture among the malays.. but i dont see the harm for us to ask forgiveness among us! the nons.. but the funny thing is.. the moment we ask for forgiveness.. the other party will be so touched and will go "aww" den the next thing you know.. you will be jokingly pulling each others legs and LAUGH YOUR HEADS OFF! well that just basically FRIENDS! and i am so blessed for having so many kind and good samaritans near me! what i really wanna say here is...


Sunday, September 5, 2010

2 more days to HOLIDAYYYY!

HO-Ho-HO-HO-lidayyyyy!! thats the only word i can think of now!! haha.. waiting and counting the days, hours, minutes, and even SECONDS!! i've planned my holidays! that's how excited i am! LOL.. i know.. i know.. some of you all might say that im insane, crzy, bla bla bla.. but guess what?? I DONT CARE!! cuz im going HOME! a place where i can really call HOME!! haha (super high now)..