Wednesday, February 9, 2011


F.E.B.R.U.A.R.Y!!! whoopie? LOLS.. well blogging has been kinda weak in me for the past few weeks! wait!! MONTHS!! because!! "TOO LITTLE TIME TOO MANY THINGS TO DO!"
well i guess im doing alright these days! i have GOOD news and BAD news!!
ill tell you guys abt the bad news first cuz i like happy endings!! =)
BAD NEWS : my results are coming out next monday! im sooo scared!! and i have only like 6 more weeks here! (excluding this week!) too little time to study for the FINALS! and i mean like seriously FINALS!! its like the FINALS OF ZEE FINALSS!!! (need to breathe here!!!)
the next bad thing is that i'll be missing some of the beautiful people here in KMNS.. some of the friends that have thought me stuff and occupy me!

GOOD NEWS : 6 more weeks and im outta HELL! as in the place!! =) i'll be FREE, FREE, FREEEEEEE!!!! *im like a bird.. i only fly awayyy!!* haaahaaa!! im gonna get a LONG! LONG! LONG!!! HOLIDAYYYY!! whooopiee!! =) its gonan be so much fun!! full of suprises! =) ME LIKEY!!!

owh yah! guessing why am i blogging at this time? and ppl will be asking! MING RUI!!! I THOUGHT YOU SAID THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE CONNECTION BACK THERE!!!
simple! im in the computer lab of coursee!!! =) teehee.

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