Friday, October 8, 2010

somebodaaay stop me!

LOL i love my title of the blog!! its fr a show.. i bet u noe it.. its abt a guy.. when he wears a masks den his whole face will turn green then he will gooooooo craaaaazzzaaaayyyy!!
well! thats exactly what i am feeling right now.. i am so darn frustrated! i hate that all the thingys are in my head right now! my head i feels like its gonna explode soon! feel like sleeping the whole day long! if possible for a few days straight.. many would say maybe its because ur finals are coming.. some say : aiya u girl ma.. PMS some would say : ming rui! hang on!! u can do it!!
dudeeeeee!! the point is i really cant.. im not as perfect u think i am! i wanna jump, dance, scream, yell, rap, do something that i think i would not do! but then once again.. im a coward! i cant do it.. i cant go screaming like some crzy fella.. i cant jump like no one's business i can rap! i wanna yell but there is nothing coming out! i wanna..i wanna.. i wanna.. that all i can say.. but will i do it? NO i wouldn't why? cuz easy! im scared! im sooo darn scared!! scared of whattt?? you tell me.. cuz i dont know either...

p.s : things were so much easier when i was still a kid!

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