Tuesday, October 19, 2010


perhapse? i dont know.. i wish i knew.. really? gosh.. i wanna give up.. again? you've got to be kidding me.. yea i know.. life suck.. easy. SURRENDER!

well here's the deal.. out of 6 papers (exams) not im down with 3 and another 3 more to go.. the thing is.. now i really feel like a DUMBASS! why? cuz i couldnt balance ANY of my accounts.. i left a 13 marks question blank for maths!! well that sorta prove how horrible i am in my studies.. people are getting their acc's right.. people seem to do OK for their maths.. when must i be the odd one outt? *puffs* my head is not the the right place now.. i get easily irritated with innocent people ( well not all are innocent!)

i know what im about to do is kinda a coward's act.. but ive just gotta say this! to the someone : you are darn irritating.. i thought that its just me judging a book by its cover but as time flies.. your proving me right! gosh how much i hate your attitude but i have no where to run!! u get on my nerves! when i try care abt you, what i get in return is ur sarcasm so to YOU! screw you! you gotta be soooo thankful that i am still keeping me cool and putting on a FAKE smile to you! the real thang is!! I DO NOT WANT A FRIEND LIKE YOU!

p.s : maybe i should just move on.. hmm.. not too sure yet..

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